Advantages and Disadvantages of Lithonia GA Apartments

Living in one’s own home is a completely different experience than having to live in rental apartments in lithonia ga. Any form of residence apart from your own home has a number of demands and rules that it places upon you. At the end of the day you are also expected and needed to follow these rules and fall under these demands whether you like it or not. The trick is to be flexible and liable to change your routine to fit your new life. Like everything that life has to offer, living in ga apartments has its upsides and downsides as well. There are things that place life in an apartment way above life in a house or even your own home. But, there are also such things that will make you miss your life back at your own place.

As the list may be a long one where both advantages and disadvantages will deck the page, mentioning just a few of either of those should suffice. For one, the fact that you will not need to fix anything or perform and repairs should make you immensely happy. You will simply need to pay for your monthly rent and all form of repairs are handled. Whether it is a failing plumbing system or a torn carpet, holes in the wall, peeling paint or even scratches on different places, your landlord will take care of it entirely. Also the weight of this responsibility being taken off your shoulders is an immense relief. This advantage definitely places living in apartments Lithonia above living in one’s own home.

Coming to one of the most hated disadvantages of life in Lithonia GA Apartments is the fact that you need to share a lot of amenities, one of which is the pool. Having to share the pool with a bunch of strangers is enough to gross someone out to the point where they refrain from using the pool at all. It is different for when you are in your own home and you know exactly who used the pool. You can also never ascertain the other tenants’ level of hygiene. With your family it is a lot different for you are well aware of their level of hygiene and etiquettes for when it comes to using the pool.

Also, it is an advantage that you will get to make new friends a lot easier than for when you are living in your own home. When everyone happen sot be residing within the confinement of their own home, interaction between one another lessens greatly. In an apartment you get to meet each other every time you walk downstairs or cross the hall. However, in response to that, a major disadvantage is the fact that you shall need to suffer the controlled use of a lot of amenities. Things like pool accessibility shall only be available in the summers. Also, these things are under the full control of the landlord. So at the end of the day there is not much that you can really do or say regarding their accessibility.